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By Westmoreland Foot & Ankle Care, LLC
March 15, 2017
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While foot surgery is usually a last resort, there are some foot problems that could greatly benefit from getting surgery.foot surgery

Many foot problems often clear up on their own or heal with simple conservative measures; however, when these treatments don’t provide the relief you need, then our Irwin and Greensburg, PA, podiatrists Dr. Todd Cindric and Dr. Cherrie Cindric go back to the drawing board. In certain scenarios, the best course of action may be to get foot surgery.

Bunion Surgery

While wearing proper footwear or splinting can help someone with mild-to-moderate discomfort, those dealing with severe bunion pain may not be able to move around or even stand still. If your bunion is severe and traditional treatments have not been working then it’s time to talk to our Irwin and Greensburg, PA, foot doctors to find out if bunion surgery can help relieve your symptoms.


If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis there are different measures we can take to help make life easier. Of course, some people still experience difficulty walking or even wearing shoes. Arthritis can actually benefit from several different kinds of surgeries. Even if arthritis is caught early enough, arthroscopic surgery may be advised for removing heel spurs or inflamed tissue around the joint. If there is enough damage to the joints, a joint fusion may be performed to help repair damage and to improve how the foot functions.


While all 26 bones within the foot are prone to fractures, most fractures won’t require surgery. If you experience a displaced or open fracture this will, most likely, need to be treated through surgery. X-rays and other imaging tests will need to be performed beforehand to understand the extent of the damage prior to determining whether surgery is the best choice.

If you are dealing with any foot problems or changes in your feet it’s important that you seek proper medication care from our Irwin and Greensburg, PA, foot surgeons. Call us today to learn more about the many services we offer.