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By Westmoreland Foot & Ankle Care, LLC
July 26, 2017
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Ankle pain. Maybe it's not the most publicized chronic health condition, but it's real. It hurts, and it impacts mobility and well-being. As a ankle painmatter of fact, the American Podiatric Medical Association states that more than three-quarters of adults in the US have foot and/or ankle pain, but only a small majority seek education on and treatment their problems. Your podiatrists in Irwin and Greenburg, MA, urge you to come to Westmoreland Foot & Ankle Care so you receive the best in podiatric medicine. Experts in diseases and conditions of the lower extremities, Dr. Cherrie Cindric and Dr. Todd Cindric get to the root cause of all sorts of ankle pain so patients have their best quality of life.

Types of ankle pain

The most frequently occurring ankle pain comes from traumatic injury. Just step off a curb, twist your ankle and suddenly and painfully, it's sprained. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons say that this injury to the outer aspect of the ankle has a lot in common with chronic or repeated injuries to the ankle, including symptoms such as:

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Instability of the joint as you walk
  • Scarring

Over time, painful osteoarthritis deteriorates the function and even the form of the ankle.

Other kinds of ankle pain stem from chronic problems such as tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is a nerve injury or nerve pinch that causes substantial burning sensations within the ankle. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, or PTTD, is an overuse injury in which the tendon in the ankle doesn't provide adequate support. Over time, the arches of the foot flatten. Gout, a type of arthritis associated with uric acid build-up and Achilles tendonitis, an inflammation of the large tendon along the back of the leg, round out the painful problems podiatrists in Irwin and Greenburg see.

Treating ankle pain

Your foot doctors at Westmoreland Foot & Ankle Care employ the latest diagnostic techniques to understand ankle pain. CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound imaging and digital X-rays, combined with the podiatrists' experience, create treatment plans which optimize the good aspects of your foot and ankle health and support and treat weaknesses.

For instance, the doctors may prescribe:

  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises
  • Anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections
  • Casts and braces
  • Shoe inserts (customized orthotics), splints and padding

How can we help you?

The professional staff at Westmoreland Foot & Ankle Care find caring for your podiatric health exceptionally rewarding. If you have ankle pain, please don't wait. Contact the office right away for an appointment at one of our two offices. In Irwin, call (724) 863-0996. For the Greensburg location, call (724) 832-1000.